With no complicated up-front and then monthly subscription charges, we charge a simple one-off fee to get your site up and running – which includes your first year’s hosting, and then an annual hosting fee thereafter.

What’s included:

  • 5 page site (see below)
  • First year’s hosting
  • Domain management
  • SSL as standard
  • Perpetual updates and maintenance patches, for as long as we host for you
  • Domain purchase – if required we can arrange for this, and its renewal on expiry (renewal at cost only)
  • Ongoing support to help create site pages as required

What’s not included:

  • Custom pages – we can create any type of custom page (see this example) to help showcase your work; our rate for custom work is normally £40/h or for larger/more complex applications we can work to an agreed fixed price
  • Additional advertising costs

Additional services

  • Bespoke design – if you already have a design in mind then we can recreate that, but if you’re starting from scratch and need some inspiration we have designers we can call on
  • Showcase writing – we work with a freelance journalist who has years of experience writing about architecture and interiors, who can conduct interviews with you and your clients, and write a showcase piece for your site
  • Social media consulting – if you’re new to how social media works, and how to maximise engagement with your potential clients we can provide consulting services to help you manage this increasingly important channel
  • Building photography – often overlooked and one of the most important things for prospective clients to see is completed buildings photographed to show them at their best; we can arrange for photographers with specific experience in architectural photography to take a set of images to show your work

Typical content

A typical 5 page starter site might include the following content:

  • Home/welcome page
  • Portfolio
  • Prices/charges
  • Awards/press/media
  • Contact form

If required, we can also help create a blog, which you can use for frequent updates, as well as social media coaching.


Item Price
Site creation
(and everything included above)
Hosting & maintenance
(after 1st year)

ConcreteNinja are not a VAT registered company.