Fixed price websites

We provide fixed cost website services for Architects, with no surprises.

The internet isn’t new. It feels like it’s been around for such a long time, yet there are still many small firms that don’t have a good online presence. Why does this matter? As the next generation of consumers and homeowners come along, which they are already, these are the consumers for whom if it doesn’t exist online then it’s not real is a fact – a way of life, and shapes their entire world view.

If a company doesn’t have a modern, appealing, responsive website, then these consumers will very quickly move to one that does; even for businesses with a great website, the bounce time may be as low as 3-5 seconds and if your current site takes longer than that to load then your potential client has moved on. For more niche services the time may be slightly higher, but initial decisions on credibility are made in the order of seconds. Old websites built on old technology are no longer valid – most users will no longer accept having to install a plugin to view one of these sites.

Many small businesses no doubt feel that having and running a website, along with a successful social media campaign, is an insurmountable obstacle, but we can help. With 18 years’ experience in building websites and software, plus running an entirely online business, we understand and want to break down that obstacle to future growth and success. We also understand the frustration that owners feel when they have a site built and then rely on the developer to do every update and quickly the site becomes old and stale.

Using no-nonsense plain English, we’ll explain every component of your website, and how the site works in harmony with social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) to extend your reach, influence, engagement, and credibility, and put you back in control of your online presence.